Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative

Launched in 2008, AGI has expanded significantly and is now supporting 6 different African leaders to bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and their government’s ability to achieve it. Through Tony Blair at a senior level and through our dedicated country staff we work to strengthen the government’s capacity to deliver programmes that will change ordinary people’s lives for the better, from public services and rural development to infrastructure and job creation. Over the coming months AGI will be posting a series of videos looking at our country programmes and shedding light on the day-to-day work of our staff.

The second video in our series looks at AGI in Liberia, one of our longest standing projects. The video, which includes interviews with government counterparts and funders, looks at the work AGI have supported in the country including the Government’s recent 150 day plan.


In the first of these videos Dr Malte Gerhold, Country Head of AGI in Sierra Leone, talks about the work of the organisation, his experiences in Freetown, and the progress he’s seen over the last two years.


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