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A note on Kiva from the AGI staff:

"Kiva is a fantastic institution that puts people in touch with entrepreneurs all around the world who need a small loan to develop their business and improve their lives. You get to invest in people (in $25 increments) and over time they pay you back, so that you can loan the money to someone else who needs it to keep the cycle going.

I first came across the website as the lovely team Liberia got me a gift loan for my birthday last year, and I am now officially a convert, having lent money to goatherds in Yemen and market traders in Monrovia. Kiva work through reputable microfinance organisations around the globe but significantly for AGI staff, they regularly have entrepreneurs on their books in all 3 countries where we work.

Whilst AGI is not officially affiliated with Kiva, the staff here would like to encourage friends of AGI who are already lending via Kiva, or who are interested in doing so, to join the AGI staff's Kiva team at - because we see what a difference it can make."

Tom Fox, AGI Strategic Advisor