Africa Governance  Initiative in Guinea

In a country where peace remains fragile and basic services are very limited it is crucial that Guinea's first democratically elected government is able to make changes that affect people's lives and lay the foundations for long-term development. 

For more than five decades since its independence in 1958, Guinea was West Africa’s forgotten country: never descending into civil war like many of its neighbours, but experiencing little social or economic development and receiving limited support from the international community.

After two quarter-century periods of oppression under autocratic rulers, the country held its first ever free and fair elections in 2010. Professor Alpha Condé, a lifelong democratic activist and political opponent of the ruling regimes, was elected President. This first step towards democracy was hailed by the Guinean people as an opportunity for the country to reverse its fortunes.

The challenges facing newly elected President Condé were huge. Weak institutions, a degraded civil service, significant national debts, and frozen aid flows meant President Condé had slim resources with which to prove that democracy would improve people’s lives.

It is crucial that Guinea’s government is able to make changes that improve people's daily lives and lay the foundations for long-term development. That is why AGI supports the Guinean government to make government work for its citizens. Our Patron Tony Blair provides support at a political level, while our team within government providing practical support to the government to help them deliver their priorities – providing electricity, food security, and building infrastructure and creating jobs..

Since 2011, we are proud to have helped the Government of Guinea to save tens of millions of dollars (and likely hundreds of millions in the future) by supporting the set-up of contracting systems for major infrastructure projects. By helping to get the best deal for the people of Guinea as they look to ensure revenues from natural resources are used to build a the foundations of a brighter future.

Our work has also helped the government to get in the engineering support required for the re-launch of a 100 MW power project and conduct the feasibility study necessary for the port of Conakry. Our team continues to work on improving effective governance, particularly in finance and energy, while providing support for the government’s Ebola response.


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