Africa Governance Initiative in Liberia

"I want to thank the members of the AGI team because they've worked so well with our staff to achieve better results, not only for the presidency but because a well performing presidency enhances the work of all our ministries." President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Once one of the most stable and prosperous nations in Africa, Liberia was devastated by two decades of civil war which killed almost ten percent of the population and more than halved the size of the economy. But in 2005 free and fair elections brought Africa's first female Head of State, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, into office.

Since then the Liberian government has been  trying to rebuild the country with a broad set of policies to foster peace, accelerate reconstruction and development, and build strong systems of governance but significant challenges remain, including poor infrastructure and high unemployment.

AGI has been working in Liberia since 2009, supporting the Liberian government to make government work for the country’s poorest people. Our Patron Tony Blair provides support at a political level, while our team within government providing practical support to the government to help them deliver their priorities. Initially, the team was based within the Office of the President, strengthening coordination, planning and prioritisation. AGI’s work helped the President spend more time on her priority projects, especially for infrastructure.

After President Sirleaf was re-elected in November 2011, AGI was asked to extend its mandate to help deliver the President’s priorities across government. We worked in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Works and the National Investment Commission, as well as the Office of the President. As part of this, we are proud to have supported the government’s 150 day Action Plan– which included building critical road projects, setting up a vocational training college and kicking off the renovation of the Freeport of Monrovia.

Now we are proud to now be working with the Liberian government to help them contain and eliminate Ebola. Effective coordination is especially important in a time of crisis. This is why we have been helping the government to put in place systems to help the government respond effectively to Ebola, and to plan for the rebuilding of the country once the outbreak has been curbed.

Hear more about our work in Liberia by watching the video below, which includes interviews with government counterparts and funders, looks at the work AGI supported in the country between 2011 and 2013, including the Government’s 150 day plan.


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