Africa Governance Initiative in Rwanda

"This partnership with AGI is exemplary; it has produced substantive and tangible results." President Paul Kagame

Rwanda, where AGI’s first project began in 2008, is one of Africa's success stories. After the horrific events of the 1994 genocide, the country has seen dramatic progress. Between 2000 and 2010, it was one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world. It is one of only four African countries that will meet the majority of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Since 2007, inequality has fallen and one million Rwandans have lifted themselves out of poverty.

The Rwandan government aims to become a middle income country by 2020, as set out in its “Vision 2020”strategy. But there are challenges still to overcome if this vision is to be achieved: 45% of the country’s population still live in poverty and over 40% of the national budget is funded by donors.  A vibrant private sector is needed to create sustainable growth and job creation to meet the needs of a growing youthful population. That’s why the AGI Rwanda Project was launched in February 2008 at the request of the Government of Rwanda.

Since July 2008, our team has been providing support to central institutions within the Government of Rwanda such as the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Capacity Building Secretariat (NCBS) and the Ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Infrastructure. We are supporting the systems and structures of effective government, so that the lives of 5 million Rwandans who live in poverty can be improved. 

The Government of Rwanda, along with AGI has developed the Strategic Capacity Building Initiative (SCBI) which is focussed on delivering the government’s priorities and training young Rwandans for future leadership roles. For example, SCBI will help the Ministry of Infrastructure to double the number of households with access to electricity, making real changes in the lives of ordinary Rwandans. 


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