To directly support the UN climate change negotiations, Tony Blair has launched a series of reports on the key issues shaping international discussions, providing political leaders with the information they need to forge a global deal to tackle climate change.

Cutting the Cost: The economic benefit of collaborative action on climate change presents the results of modelling work that we commissioned from a group of leading Cambridge University economists. We wanted to know whether there was an advantage, and how large it would be, if countries act collaboratively rather than individually. What is immediately striking is the enormous cost savings that can be achieved if countries work together.

Technology For a Low Carbon Future demonstrates that, over the next decade, we can get on to a path consistent with avoiding dangerous climate change using technologies that are already commercially proven and policies that have already been shown to be successful. It finds that 70% of the reductions needed by 2020 can be achieved by investing in energy efficiency - lighting, vehicles, buildings and motors - and reducing deforestation. 

A Global Deal For Our Low Carbon Future answers a series of practical questions about how the world can move to a low carbon economy.

It identifies the actions and questions that need to be resolved by political and business leaders over the next 18 months to achieve a successful outcome to the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009.