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Africa Governance Initiative begins work with the Government of Malawi

At the invitation of President Joyce Banda, Tony Blair visited Blantyre this week to discuss a new partnership between AGI and the Government of Malawi. Two AGI members of staff have begun working alongside Government of Malawi officials on a focused set of reforms to strengthen capacity in the Office of the President. AGI’s support is part of a wider reform agenda as President Banda seeks to build the capability of her government to deliver her ambitious development plans. 

Malawi has huge potential for development. Since entering office in April this year President Banda has moved swiftly to stabilise Malawi’s economy, and to engage with the international community –resulting in new aid commitments –and encourage inward investment. She has also started ambitious domestic reforms aimed at improving the lives of Malawi’s 13 million people centred on improvement of the country’s agriculture, energy, infrastructure and health sectors.

AGI’s small team in Lilongwe will work directly with President Banda’s office on a short-term project to strengthen systems of government in the President’s office: focusing on building processes in the President’s Private Office and enhancing the office’s communications function.

Speaking about the launch of the project, Tony Blair said:

"Since coming to power in April President Banda has set out an ambitious reform agenda for her country. The potential for rapid progress in Malawi is clear and I believe, with the right support from the international community, the people of Malawi will see the results. AGI works to help African leaders make government work for the benefit of their people and it is a real privilege for us to be able to work alongside Africa’s second female President – and the Government of Malawi - at what could be a turning point in their development. Our team will focus on helping President Banda’s office get the fundamentals right to sieze this opportunity."

Welcoming Tony Blair President Banda said:

"It’s my pleasure to host Rt. Hon Tony Blair on his first visit to Malawi. The project that Mr Blair's Africa Governance Initiative has put together to assist my advisory team enhance its effectiveness is welcome. I have heard inspiring reports from the partnerships that AGI has had with other African governments like Rwanda and Liberia. I am therefore very optimistic about the outcome of the work AGI will support my office with."

As well as visiting Malawi Tony Blair also visited Rwanda. He was in Kigali to meet President Kagame, members of his government, and the AGI team based in the country. His discussions with the President focussed on Rwanda's development progress, the on-going instability in the Great Lakes Region, and AGI's work on capacity building.

Tony Blair Interview with the BBC World Service

During his visit to Malawi and Rwanda Tony Blair spoke to the BBC about AGI’s work and the support it will be giving to President Banda. to hear his views click here:

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