What We Do

Tony Blair works with a number of different organisations in different capacities. These include:

Africa Governance Initiative

The Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) has created a unique model of development, combining Tony Blair’s unparalleled experience with expert on-the-ground teams working full-time alongside government counterparts. AGI works with countries - Ethiopia, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sierra Leone – that are at potential turning-points, where a tragic past has left a lack of capacity and deep poverty, but where there is clear potential and a leader with the vision and political will to achieve progress.

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Office of the Quartet Representative Tony Blair 2007-2015

Office of the Quartet Representative

Tony Blair works for the USA, UN, Russia and EU as the Quartet Representative, helping the Palestinians to prepare for statehood as part of the international community’s effort to secure peace.

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Tony Blair Faith Foundation

The Tony Blair  Faith Foundation provides the practical support required to help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism.

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Tony Blair Sports Foundation

In recognition of his debt to the North East of England, Tony Blair launched the Tony Blair Sports Foundation, to increase participation in sport by young people, particularly those who are currently socially excluded – by inspiring more adults to become trained coaches; by providing access to high quality nationally-accredited training for those we recruit; and by helping to match coaches with the schools and sports clubs which need them.

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Breaking the Climate Deadlock

Having been the first major head of government to bring climate change to the top of the international political agenda at the Gleneagles G8 summit in 2005, Tony Blair is now leading the Breaking the Climate Deadlock' initiative, a strategic partnership with The Climate Group, through which he is working with world leaders to bring consensus on a new and comprehensive international climate policy framework.

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