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Israel's move to allow more goods into Gaza 'welcome'

Israel’s move to allow more goods into Gaza ‘welcome’

The Office of the Quartet Representative welcomes Israel’s step to allow the entry of several essential items for the repair of Gaza’s housing, water and sanitation infrastructure, telecom industry, and electricity distribution network. All of these sectors are vital for the welfare of the general population and particularly the private sector.

The Government of Israel's decision includes allowing the import of 25 trucks of aluminium and 60 trucks of wood for doors and window frames per month, generators for both water and sanitation, and the telecom networks and materials for the Gaza electricity distribution network, some of which have already gone in. It also includes 10 trucks per day of clothing and shoes, some of which had been held up in containers at the Ashdod port warehouses for many months, sustaining some damage as a result.

Commenting on the Israeli move, OQR Head of Mission Dr. Robert Danin said "this is a positive step forward. With the UN at the fore, we along with other international partners have been pushing for much greater flexibility in allowing goods into Gaza, both for humanitarian purposes and to boost the independent private sector. Ensuring the entry of items to repair and maintain the water and sanitation networks and the telecommunications industry have been priorities. We are pleased that the first batch of 51 generators for the telecoms network have already begun to cross. Much more needs to be done and we will continue to work with the Israeli authorities, the PA Crossing Coordination Committee, and our international partners to open Gaza’s crossings for both humanitarian and commercial goods.