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Package of measures agreed between the Government of Israel and the Quartet Representative

Package of measures agreed between the Government of Israel and the Quartet Representative

On February 4, Quartet Representative Tony Blair and the Government of Israel agreed the following package of measures for Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem:


• To address long-term Gazan energy needs, the Government of Israel (GoI) has agreed to begin discussions immediately with the Palestinian Authority (PA) on the development of the "Gaza Marine" offshore gas field, with a commitment to conclude preliminary discussions in three months.
• Subject to development of the “Gaza Marine” gas field, the GoI has agreed in principle to the use of gas from Gaza Marine by the existing and any future power plant in Gaza.  Additionally, it has approved the upgrading of the Gaza power station and the construction of a second power station, subject to submission of specific PA plans.
• On electricity supply to Gaza, the GoI has agreed to review requests to provide electricity to Gaza from Israeli sources within three months of application. 


• On Gazan water supply, the GoI has agreed to facilitate proposals agreed in the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee, which are supported by the USA and Norway: to facilitate the establishment of two sets of mobile desalination plants within a few days of receiving applications; and, in principle, to the establishment of larger desalination plants.
• The GoI has approved the German-supported Sheikh Ajleen water treatment plant, in addition to UNDP’s Khan Yunis project, for which funds are still required. The GoI has committed to facilitating the entry of construction materials to enable these projects and the NGEST project to be completed on schedule.


• The GoI has agreed to permit exports of textiles, furniture and agricultural products from Gaza to international markets by 1 April 2011.
• The GoI has committed to increasing the quantities of good exported to all agreed destinations once a dedicated scanner is installed. The GoI is asking the international community to provide the scanner by June 2011.
• The GoI has committed to concluding discussions by 30 April 2011 on whether to allow PA-approved Gazan producers to transfer textiles/furniture to PA-approved West Bank purchasers.
• The GoI has agreed to consider further export measures in due course.


• The GoI has agreed to conclude discussions with the UN on a new arrangement to allow PA-approved Gazan private businesses to import construction materials into Gaza, with a view to beginning implementation of a pilot by 1 April 2011.

Construction Projects

• The GoI has agreed to approve 20 new construction projects in Gaza, including education, health, housing, infrastructure and environment projects. See the attached Gaza Projects Annex for details.
• The GoI has agreed to facilitate in February the entry into Gaza of all the aggregates currently located at the Sufa and Karni crossings (estimated at over 40,000 tons) once sale agreements are reached between relevant international organisations and local merchants.


• The GoI has approved the transfer to Wataniya telecoms company of the outstanding 0.6Mhz, thereby completing the transfer of a total of 1Mhz pending since November 2009.

Area C Schools and Health Clinics

• The GoI has committed to prioritising and fast-tracking the construction/ reconstruction of a number of schools and health clinics in Area C from the lists submitted by the OQR and SEMEP. Permits will be issued after formal submission of PA requests and plans.

Collection of Clearance Revenues

• The GoI will immediately schedule talks with the PA to identify and agree on new measures to enhance collection of clearance revenues for the PA, with the aim of settling outstanding issues on both sides within three months.

PA Security Presence in Area B

• The GoI has agreed in principle to facilitate the extension of PA security presence to 7 towns in Area B, with the aim of agreeing specifics with the PA by 1 March 2011.

West Bank IDs for Gazans Resident in West Bank

• The GoI has agreed to authorise 5,000 West Bank residents who currently hold Gazan IDs to change their address for ID purposes to the West Bank.

East Jerusalem

• The GoI has stated that it encourages the implementation of all projects in East Jerusalem that abide by municipal regulations aimed at improving infrastructure, including housing, for Palestinian residents.