How we are funded and supported

The OQR currently employs 21 advisors, as well as support and security staff.

Mr. Blair does not receive any compensation from the Quartet for his work nor does he receive reimbursement for travel expenses. When in Jerusalem, the OQR provides his lodging and meals.

Policy advisors are either seconded or work in positions supported by partner countries and organisations, or are employed directly by the OQR from its general budget. Compensation for those staff employed directly is in line with regulations set by the UN. Presently the OQR has staff members seconded or financially supported by: the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, the United Nations, the US Institute of Peace, and Canada.

The major donors that have provided general budget support to the OQR since its inception are the United States Government, the European Commission, the Norwegian Government, and the Government of Canada. The Government of the Netherlands currently provides funding for the Rule of Law Program. Any grant and contribution agreements with the donors for the OQR are managed through United Nations Development Programme and follow UNDP guidelines and regulations.

Total contributions received for the period 2007-2014 were:

OQR Contributions Received

(Aggregate for 2007-2014)

United States


European Commission






United Kingdom


New Zealand









The annual expenses for the OQR include expenses for compensation for policy advisors, support staff, and security staff as well as expenses toward the broader operations of the office (office rental, travel expenses, and other operating expenses).

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP/PAPP) provides other operational and logistical support. Under this arrangement, the OQR follows UNDP guidelines for contracts, procurement, travel, and further expenses.

On an aggregate level, the expenditures for the period 2010-2014 amounted to the following: 

OQR Annual Expenditure 












Of the 2014 expenditure, US $1,965,216 (33%) went toward compensation for the policy advisors.