Movement and Access

Movement and accessWhy is movement and access important?

Delivering greater Palestinian movement and access is fundamental to making progress on the whole development agenda of the Quartet Representative. Movement and access restrictions, both physical and regulatory, hinder economic development in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and affect nearly all aspects of Palestinian life. These restrictions inhibit the movement of individuals, service providers and products within the West Bank and between the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and other geographic locations including Israel and third countries.

How does the OQR support greater movement and access?

OQR works to deliver greater Palestinian movement and access in a number of different ways including:

  • Removing restrictions on internal commerce and the external trade of goods
  • Improving access to agricultural land and resources
  • Improving the movement of Palestinians across all passenger crossings
  • Enhancing the movement and access of organizations, public or private, engaged in service delivery for Palestinians particularly in Area C in the West Bank
  • Improving access to and within the West Bank for tour operators and tourists

Examples of key OQR accomplishments in supporting greater access and movement 

  • Jalameh Crossing – Facilitated the opening of the Jalameh Crossing between the northern part of the West Bank and Israel in 2010 enabling vast numbers of Arab Israelis to visit the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) which supported the economic revitalization of the northern West Bank. This crossing is also open to tourists
  • Containerizing Allenby – Negotiated an agreement between the PNA, the Government of Israel, the Government of Jordan and the Government of the Netherlands to expand the capacity of the commercial crossing at the Allenby Bridge between the West Bank and Jordan in 2012
  • Tour Bus Access to Bethlehem - Contributed to significant improvements in access by tourist buses to and from Bethlehem during 2011
  • Access for Food Products – Supported the development of food safety standards and a verification system of the West Bank food industry. These measures helped ensure continued access to East Jerusalem markets for certain food products from the West Bank since 2010