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SportInspired comes to Walker

SportInspired comes to Walker

The Foundation met with SportInspired last week after being introduced by our partners at Walker Technology College to discuss how we can help them deliver a sports event to local children in Walker.

SportInspired’s mission is to tackle apathy and inactivity in children by connecting communities using the power of sport. They achieve this by organising and delivering fun, inclusive and impactful community programmes called SportInspired Games. A SportInspired Games works with the community to bring on 3 phases known as Create, Festival and Legacy.

Following our  meeting we are delighted to be part of a SportInspired Games day to be held on May 20th at Walker Dome in Newcastle. Bringing together over 200 children from 4 local primary schools to take part in team sports, the Foundation will help SportInspired Create the day by inviting one of our running club partners to deliver athletics sessions to the children.

TBSF partners, Tyne Bridge Harriers have agreed to be part of the Festival by delivering indoor athletics sessions to the children. The club’s junior coach Simon Kristiansen will organise and deliver a fun filled day of athletics skills and races.

Following the event the Foundation will work with the schools, parents and teachers to sign post the children to their local sports clubs or help start up after school sports clubs to ensure a lasting Legacy of what is guaranteed to be an exciting fun filled day of sport.