Helping businesses become community champions

The Tony Blair Sports Foundation works closely with sports clubs, schools and businesses across the North East community as we seek to increase the number of young people who have access to sport in order to secure a lasting legacy of sports participation following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our sports club and school partnerships see us working together with these organisations to understand their needs and to support their development by recruiting and training more volunteer coaches, officials and young leaders. The addition of these volunteers allows them to get out an coach in the community, and allows the clubs and schools to open their doors to more people who want to play sport which means that we can allow more people in the North East to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

And our ‘Tony Blair Sports Foundation for Business’ corporate membership schemes open up the opportunities that membership of the Foundation offers to businesses and to their employees. The schemes offer valuable corporate social responsibility activity to businesses, and will allow their employees to gain the benefits of becoming a volunteer sports coach which, in turn, will allow more of the region’s young people to gain the benefits of taking part in sport.

To find out more about becoming a partner of the Tony Blair Sports Foundation get in touch today using our contact form.