What we do

"The Foundation is all about giving kids access to sport and what you find, is that they get right into it. The idea is to make sure that at as early an age as possible, young kids will get a liking for sport that will stick with them for the rest of their lives."  Tony Blair

We’re not just another organisation set up to encourage people to play sport.  We're much more than that.

Promising to inspire two million people to take up sport and physical activity was at the heart of London’s winning bid to host the 2012 Paralympics and Olympic Games.  The Tony Blair Sports Foundation, launched in the North East by the former Prime Minister, pledged that in the run up to 2012 and beyond, the Foundation would get more young people involved in sport by recruiting, training and placing more sports coaches and officials into grassroots sport for the benefit of children in our communities, whatever their sporting ability.  This will create a legacy of sports participation for the region.

The Foundation is currently focussed on delivering more qualified coaches and officials across eight sports: athletics, basketball, canoeing, cricket, cycling, football, rowing and tennis.  Our overall aim is to recruit, train and place more coaches and officials in these sports so that sports clubs, schools and community organisations can offer more, reaching out further across their community and encouraging more children to take part.

The Foundation:

  • seeks to understand the coaching needs of community sporting organisations
  • co-ordinates a training programme to meet those needs
  • campaigns to recruit new members to attend the courses
  • supports members through the process of obtaining their qualifications
  • places new members with sports organisations that need them most
  • develops and retains its members to keep them coaching
  • fundraises through donations, partners and events

How it works

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